MEXT 2019 Japanese Studies Student Scholarship Program

Embassy of Japan in Israel is pleased to announce that the Embassy started candidates selection process for "MEXT Scholarship Program for 2019 (Japanese Studies Student)".

Scholarship period is 1 year from September / October 2019, and grantees of this scholarship will study Japanese language, society, culture etc., in 1 year special courses at Japanese universities - after 1 year studies they will come back to Israel in August / September 2020.   

Please see the following announcement on our Embassy's HP (including Application Guidelines & info "how to get applications"): 

Embassy's HP:

Deadline for submitting applications to the Embassy is: Friday, February 1, 2019.

Important Notice "Academic Background":

Applicants must satisfy at least the following three conditions.

1.      Applicants must be undergraduate students of Israeli universities at the time of arriving in and leaving Japan.

2.      Those who are majoring in fields related to the Japanese language or Japanese culture. Those who are majoring in fields of study other than Japanese language and culture (such as engineering, economies, agricultural science, architecture, and art) and pursuing complementary studies in Japanese language and culture are ineligible.

3.      Those who have studied the Japanese Studies at a university for a total period of 1 year or more as of April 1, 2019. Those who have studied in any Japanese studies courses at Israeli universities but not at Asian-Studies departments, should submit documents which can verify that the student has studied Japanese studies for a total period of 1 year or more at the attended university, as additional documents to the required documents from his/her own university.

For further information, please refer "Application Guidelines".

Please send inquiries to: